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Training programme for Ultralight Trikes Instructor ULT(I)

Training for instructors of trike pilots consists of theory instruction and practical training.

Theory instruction consists of general theory and applied theory (Ground training).

General theory consists of eight subjects:

  1. Aerodynamics and theory of flying
  2. Aviation meteorology;
  3. Civil Aviation regulations;
  4. Structure and technology of constructing a trike;
  5. Techniques of parachute usage;
  6. Teaching methodology and flight training;
  7. Techniques of flying a trike;
  8. First aid;

General theory is conducted with total number of 16 lessons. One lesson lasts 45 minutes.

Applied theory consists of 4 topics:

  1. General knowledge on instruction trike
  2. Flight techniques on the trike
  3. Regular and emergency procedures
  4. Instruction by airport Smederevo

Applied theory is conducted with total number of 6 lessons.

Practical training for the instructors of trike pilots consists of flight training in 2,3 flying lessons. An applicant for a flight instructor conducts all flights from a back seat.